The brewing industry has embraced digital applications to improve processes, increase efficiency, and optimize the quality of beer production. With our feasibility study we reveal all options within the scope of your specified requirements: beer types, recipes, volumes, engineering, product for Brewhouse plant, Cellar plant and Utilities supply.

  • Maximum efficiency – short brewing sequences, best possible yield, maximum flexibility, increased sustainability- tailored to the special needs and requirements of our customers.
  • The product range extends from the malt intake to grist mills, mash vessels, all currently relevant lautering technologies, wort kettles, whirlpools, and wort cooling systems. In the area of the cold block, fermentation, storage, bright beer tanks and yeast tanks as well as CIP and utility tanks.
  • AR (Augmented Reality) can be used in brewing to enhance the brewing process, provide training, and improve quality control. IoT (Internet of Things) can be used in brewing to monitor and control the brewing process, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Main features:

  • What you see is what you get.
  • Monitoring & Calibration of instruments ( pressure, temperature, flowmeter, level switch, conductivity, CO2 – O2 measurement tools and special equipment
  • Meaningful process simulations ( identification of savings potential)
  • More efficient maintenance work
  • Higher availability through predictive maintenance
  • Reduced operating costs (OPEX) due to fewer breakdowns
  • Increase operational efficiency OEE.
  • Asset Spare parts management and inventory.

In order to make the data exchange as secure as possible, relies on the so-called Weihenstephaner standards for brewery projects. These standards define a communication interface for the standardized transmission of machine and process data to superordinate IT systems. Via a special module, the data from the cloud can be exported to any customer-specific IT solution and can be processed there.

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