Pharmaceutical – Chemical

With our feasibility study we reveal all options within the high quality requirements prevailing for the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industry and support our customers in meeting these strict directives. Modern production processes, consistently hygienic design and a profound level of process know-how ensure that we can provide our customers with the storage or process that exactly meets their specifications requirements.

The portfolio included:

  • Storage and process tanks
  • Pressure and vacuum tanks
  • Reactors
  • Fermenters
  • Explosion-proof tanks
  • HTST
  • Silo plants
  • Homogenizing and blending silos with degasification units
  • Drying and cooling

Main features:

  • What you see is what you get
  • Monitoring & Calibration of instruments (pressure, temperature, flowmeter, level switch, conductivity, tools and special equipment)
  • Meaningful process simulations ( identification of savings potential)
  • More efficient maintenance work
  • Higher availability through predictive maintenance
  • Reduced operating costs (OPEX) due to fewer breakdowns
  • Increase operational efficiency OEE
  • Asset Spare parts management and inventory

Service objectives:

  • Achieve the highest availability and avoid any unplanned production downtime
  • Optimize production efficiency: maximize output with the lowest use of raw materials, water and energy
  • Optimize maintenance costs, spare parts inventory and overall lifetime of the equipment;
  • Safety: keep the plant a safe working environment, according the latest insights and regulations
  • Ensure product quality and functionality of the process by monitoring and control

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