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Glasses for augmented reality are the latest tool to make customer assistance easier, faster and smarter to Lines, machines. Unlike the already existing services for remote technical support, the new glasses for augmented reality allow help desk to give audiovisual assistance. This means that what the operator is seeing is displayed in real time on the computer screen of help desk technician.

This results in several advantages for the customer to improved KPIs….

Cost and time saving on-site technician

Glasses for augmented reality enable to provide customers with immediate support, no matter where the production plant is located. By this way, physical distance is removed by a system that virtually brings the operator and help desk closer. This allows the customer to save on the costs of technical interventions, as well as on the time that technician would take to reach the production plant.

Audiovisual assistance allows help desk technician to guide the machine operator step by step.
This leads to a quick problem identification and resolution.
As a consequence, the machine downtime is considerably reduced and the productivity, OEE level remains high.

Augmented reality glasses are extremely simple to use; once you have a Wi-Fi network connection and a valid license, you wear glasses and frame the QR code. At this stage you are put in contact with help desk technician, who sees on his computer screen the same images that the machine operator is viewing. With this system the technician is able to provide the operator with an optimal support.

With this tool the operator doesn’t need to send heavy attachments or write long messages by email to receive assistance. Electrical diagrams and other documents that may be useful for the problem resolution are sent by technician directly to the operator’s glasses. Lastly, an audiovisual support allows to overcome any linguistic barriers.

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