Our Story

It dates back to June 2021, when the company where Boris (Bach Hoang) worked appeared on the Shark Tank Vietnam show with a solution for IT remote support. Thanks to a published article, Cuong and Tien contacted Boris to discuss a business model idea. We all realized that in the event of a pandemic, the opportunity to research and develop a remote support solution for industrial maintenance services is very critical. Cuong and Tien have long worked and had extensive experience in the field of maintenance and industrial equipment. We decided to go together because of our technical backgrounds and industry expertise. We spent hundreds of liters of coffee and beer discussing the ideas, covering everything from technical challenges to market needs, business opportunities, and more. As a result of this, RoboMain Inc. was established in November 2022 after a series of product tests and market validation. All of the founders aim to scale this service model globally.

Reference article: https://m.cafef.vn/chan-dung-founder-duoc-shark-hung-khen-khuon-mat-giong-bill-gates-tot-nghiep-bach-khoa-tphcm-lam-viec-lau-nam-tai-singapore-ve-thiet-ke-phan-cung-20210615102421141.chn

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