Dr. HOANG Xuan Bach,
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

(CEO & CTO) | Ph.D. in IT

Dr. HOANG is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur with 19 years of experience in software development, specializing in AI and IT infrastructure. He holds a Ph.D. in IT, specializing in User Modeling Based on Fuzzy Logic in Multi-Channel Information Systems.

As RoboMain’s Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Hoang leads technical development, business strategy and strategic partnerships.

Mr. DANG Huy Cuong,
Chief Operating Officer & Product Manager.

(COO) | Automation Engineer.

Mr. DANG has 19 years of experience in production, sales and project management within the packaging and pet food industries. With expertise in building business strategies, analyzing revenue and developing services and relationships, Dang optimizes business growth and revenue strategy.

As RoboMain’s COO / Product Manager, Dang leads product development, collaborates with industrial equipment manufacturers, recruits and onboards certified technicians and more.

Mr. NGUYEN Huu Tien,
Director of Business Development

(DBD) | Electrical Engineer

Mr. NGUYEN combines 19 years of sales management and QA experience in software development and manufacturing with expertise in building and managing client relationships to enhance business growth.

As RoboMain’s Director of Business Development, Nguyen strengthens relationships with the company’s vendors and clients, manages market analysis, develops sales strategies and assists with product development.