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With the power of artificial intelligence, Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality, RoboMain’s products and services deliver the highest quality remote assistance, predictive maintenance, visual inspection, step-by-step workflow guidance, video conferencing and more for the industrial sector. Visit Our Services to learn more about our products and services.

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AR solution

RoboMain immediately saw the potential of smart glasses in industry, and also recognized that the available products could not meet the needs of an industrial environment. RoboMain’s products and services are fully compliant with eyewear safety requirements and are specifically designed to operate reliably for an entire shift in harsh industrial environments.

The cost of deployment is limited since we use the full computing power of the operators’ existing mobile devices. Most importantly, RoboMain’s solution of smart glasses is the most balanced and light weight in the market: comfortable, stable and light with no radiation or heat dissipation at the temple area.

RoboMain aim to integrate the industrial grade smart glasses for various industrial and professional purposes.

Together with our software partners RoboMain want to deliver the highest quality solutions for remote assistance, predictive maintenance, visual inspection and Mobile app, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision and video conferencing.

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